Amy Haley Photography

Capturing Your Extraordinary!


Family, engagement, wedding, newborn, business, and headshot photographer. Finding the extraordinary in each ordinary moment!


My Background


I've loved taking pictures since I took my first photography class in high school. I was inspired to learn even more about photography as I watched my twins grow and the moments pass so quickly. Capturing the extraordinary in our lives became my passion, and now freezing these moments in time for the families around me is what drove me to become a professional photographer! 

What is Extraordinary?


The extraordinary I see through my lens at each photoshoot is beautiful simplicity. From the quiet moments of a mother feeding her baby to soothe him, to a Dad tickling his daughter to get that stubborn smile to rise to the surface, it's absolutely extraordinary what these ordinary moments mean to us in the end. Freezing them to remember and cherish for a lifetime is my most treasured gift to each of my photography clients. 

Photoshoot Fun


The most important part about capturing your extraordinary is the authenticity of it. You may think that your family is the only one that has a screaming toddler (or displeased husband) unwilling to look anywhere near the camera, but you'd be wrong! This is par for the course and the REASON I became a photographer! This is my passion -taking any challenge and showing you the extraordinary that lies within it. So come with an open mind, a relaxed mentality, and a sense of humor. We're gonna have some fun!